deco-archive provides support for popular archive formats to the deco file extraction framework. As of version 1.6, it allows you to extract the following formats:

Extension Runtime dependencies
7z 7za
a ar
ace unace
alz unalz
ape MAC.exe, wine
ar see a
arc arc
arj arj
ark see arc
bz2 bunzip2
cab cabextract
or unshield
cbr see rar
cbz see zip
cpio cpio
cpio.bz2 bzcat, cpio
cpio.gz cpio, gzip
cpio.lz cpio, lzip
cpio.lzo cpio, lzop
cpio.xz cpio, xzcat
deb dpkg-deb
ear see zip
flac flac
gem rm, tar
gz gunzip
ipsw see zip
jar see zip
lha lha
lrz lrunzip
lz lzip
lzh see lha
lzma lzma
or unlzma
lzo lzop
odc see zip
odf see zip
odg see zip
odi see zip
odm see zip
odp see zip
ods see zip
odt see zip
otc see zip
otf see zip
otg see zip
oth see zip
oti see zip
otp see zip
ots see zip
ott see zip
oxt see zip
pk3 see zip
pk4 see zip
rar unrar
rpm cpio, rpm2cpio
or bunzip2, cpio, dd, gunzip, rpmoffset
rz rzip
shn shorten
sue see arc
t7z see tar.7z
tar tar
tar.7z 7za, tar
tar.bz2 tar
tar.gz tar
tar.lrz lrunzip, rm, tar
tar.lz lzip, tar
tar.lzma lzma, tar
or lzcat, tar
tar.rz rm, rzip, tar
tar.xz tar, unxz
tar.z see tar.gz
taz see tar.gz
tbz see tar.bz2
tgz see tar.gz
tlz lzma, tar
or lzcat, tar
or lzip, tar
txz see tar.xz
udeb see deb
wsz see zip
xpi see zip
xz unxz
z see gz
zip unzip
zoo zoo