Miscellaneous stuff for deco users

Extractor wrappers

A handy shell snippet

Add the following code to your POSIX-compatible shell’s initialization file, ~/.bashrc in the case of bash:

	while getopts ace:uv __dcd_x "$@" 2>/dev/null; do :; done
	test $OPTIND = $# || { deco "$@"; return; }

	__dcd_x=`deco "$@"; r=$?; echo .; exit $r`

	test "$__dcd_x" = . || printf %s\\n "$__dcd_x"
	case $__dcd_x in */) cd -- "$__dcd_x" && ls; esac
	eval unset __dcd_x __dcd_r\; return $__dcd_r

You can then e. g. run dcd -u archive.tar to extract then unlink archive.tar and, if applicable, cd into (presumably) archive/ and call ls.

deco 1.6 or later is required.